Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turkey, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie and Christian Louboutin

     We had friends over for a small Thanksgiving dinner last night.  Food was delicious (thanks to my hubby) and the wine our friends brought paired so nicely with the turkey.  Somehow our conversation diverted to designer shoes and the next thing I dining room floor transformed into the fourth floor of Barneys shoe department.  The ladies in the house, including my 2 year old, strapped on a pair of shoes from my very humble designer collection.  I felt like a curator unveiling a masterpiece as I carefully revealed my red lacquered soled shoes.  Husbands, I know this is a small fortune to pay for a pair of shoes, however here is my reasoning...
  1. Think of them as a fine piece of art.  Fine craftsmanship, quality material and detailed precision set these shoes apart.  These aren't mass produced in China with synthetic material we can't even pronounce.  
  2. It's like a good investment.  Low risk (95% of all woman will love them) with high return (well I'll leave that thought up to you). 
  3. Simple economics.  Buy one pair for life at $500 vs. continually repairing or replacing the $100 glued together shoe that will fall apart after 2 wears.
Friend- Next time you are in NY take a trip down to Saks 5th Avenue and head straight for the 8th floor.  You will not be disappointed.  This destination Manhattan shoe department is so big that it has its very own zip code (10022-SHOE). I gather you will not leave empty handed.  I've even gone ahead and placed a pair on hold for you. While your are there, can you pick up my next coveted pair?

friend's pair

Donna's pair

I'm thankful for designer shoes and husbands who appreciate them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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