Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flip Alarm Clocks

I can still remember the slight audible sound as the numbers changed on my flip alarm clock.  It sat nestled at my bedside next to the night light.  On those restless nights I would often watch the repetitive and rhythmic motion as the plastic numbers converted themselves.  So can you still purchase these obsolete vintage clocks?  Barnes and Noble has a great selection...

My Favourite!!

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble


Monday, November 21, 2011

Piet Mondrian

Are you familiar with the famous grid-based paintings of Piet Mondrian?  The Rooftop Coffee Bar at San Francisco's MOMA serves up this edible art that pays homage to the Dutch artist. Vanilla and red velvet cake topped with chocolate ganache...yum!  Only one masterpiece per day is made, so plan to get there early!  Doesn't a trip to San Francisco sound like fun?

composition with Red, Yellow and Blue.

Mondrian Cake


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tissue Holders

The cold and flu season is upon us.  What better way to dress up your tissue.  Here are a few of my favourite finds...

Paper Pots:  A colourful way to disguise your tissue or toilet paper.  Fun and fresh!

Paper Pots

Toro Tissue Ring :  For the minimalist- clean and simple.  A stainless steel ring that replaces the ordinary tissue box.

Toro Tissue Ring

Magician's Hat:  Need a little magic to help the kids clean their nose? I thought this was adorable for the wee ones!!

magician's hat

Swarovski Tissue Box:  Add a little sparkle to the mundane.  Great gift for that person who has everything!!

Swarovski Tissue Box


Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Jewelry Board

Make your own jewelry board.  This is so easy and will look fab!!  

You will need the following:

Photo frame, (I purchased mine at Ikea), cork roll, scissors, pen and ruler.

For the how to:
1) Measure dimensions of frame interior (or use the frame insert and trace onto cork roll).

2) Cut cork and insert as you would a photo.  **savvy tip- use 2 pieces of cork to get a better hold of jewelry.

4) I used earring studs to hang necklaces.... and voila!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Love Lucy

Polka dots.  They make me think of so many things...the novelty song "Itsy Bitsy 
Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", Coco Chanel, and the ever so iconic 
dress of Lucille Ball in "I love Lucy".  Polka dots originated in the late 19th 
century and have since come full circle.  I love the vintage inspired look of polka 
dots- they are fun, flirty and of course a classic.  

polka dot
polka dot  featuring manolo blahnik shoes

$88 - jcrew.com

Knit blazer
$52 - meetmark.com

Manolo blahnik shoes
£474 - farfetch.com

Rugelach Cookies | Pastry | Dean & DeLuca
$48 - deandeluca.com

I love Lucy and I love polka dots!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter is in the air...

It's really starting to feel like winter.  Our mitts and scarves now fill our shelves, and we've sadly said good-bye to our summer wardrobe as it heads into hibernation for another year.  I suddenly feel the urge to sit by the fire nestled under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.  We are in need of a few new blankets so I did a little digging and gave my savvy stamp of approval on the following blankets.

100% Cashmere Blanket:  The best that blankets have to offer.  This will keep you warm without added bulk.  Made from Kashmir Goats- this is the luxury of all blankets!   
Hudson's Bay Point Blanket:  Snuggle up in a little Canadian history with this blanket. First introduced to the fur trade in the late 1700's and still popular today.  Made of 100% pure wool...this is sure to keep you warm.

Hudson's Bay Point Blanket

Minimink Blanket:  An Australian label that specializes in faux fur (also called ecological fur as no animal has been harmed) for adults and our little wee ones.  They claim these blankets are beyond soft!  A must try!!


Snuggie:  I'm sure you've heard of the every so kitschy fleece blanket with sleeves? The company sold over 25 million blankets in 2010- wow!  Perhaps all of these sales were earmarked as spoof gifts?  I think I'll take the cashmere blanket instead:)

Happy Friday!