Friday, October 7, 2011

Paper Fortune Teller

     Take a walk down memory lane and play a few of these nostalgic games with the kids. Do you remember Cats Cradle, Hopscotch, What's the Time Mr.Wolf, and my all time favourite, Fortune Teller? I introduced my little V.I.P to fortune teller yesterday afternoon and he just adored it.  Make it a fun learning lesson and talk about the geometric shapes that dominate this paper wonder.
Here are a few sites with the how to, and a ready made printable.

And here's savvy's spin on the game...
  • Make a fortune teller out of card stock and turn it upside down.  Fill with small objects like pins, buttons, coins, or anything else that needs a home. 

  • Since I always have birthday parties on my mind, try making a fun and interactive invite. Your little guests will love receiving these!

Just fun!



Dayna said...

You are so's amazing (and inspiring). Because of you I've actually been looking for a single hole punch (as opposed to poking holes in crafts with scissor tips of a knife). I haven't found one yet - granted I've only checked Superstore and Cdn Tire (which I happened to be at for other reasons). Reading your posts I predict I may actually venture into a real craft store and find a single hole punch (and maybe more). Keep up the great writing and ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post:) very cute!