Monday, October 24, 2011

busy moms article club

     A few years ago I planned a book club with a group of great ladies.  We had intended to meet once a month to discuss one selected book per meeting. It took some corralling to coordinate all of our busy schedules-countless e-mails bounced back and forth faster than a ping pong ball with numerous responses offering alternative dates. After much ado, we finally managed to settle on a time and place to meet.  
     A few glasses of wine in tow, coupled with calorie filled snacks, we rotated through the room and started our discussion.  As we exchanged our opinions, we quickly realized that a handful of us never completed reading the book.  Intentions good, commitment lacked.
     I was reading one of my favourite blogs the other day,  A Cup of Jo , and a phenomenal idea was posted for an article club in lieu of a book club. What a great idea!  Less commitment, yet equally stimulating.  If the idea of gathering a group of people together sounds less than desirable, then opt for a cyber article club.   
      Thanks for reading and please check out the article selected from A Cup of Jo.

Happy reading!


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