Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Steps to Successful Dating....or Play Dating

My beloved sister called me yesterday, and unfortunately I had to end our conversation short as we were on our way to a play date.  She then proceeded to question with humour, "why does a 4 year old have more dates than I do?" It made me there a correlation between dating and play dating?  What must one do to have a successful dating strategy- whether it be play dates, or your conventional date.  Here are my thoughts...

1) First Impressions:  Stats show that we form judgments in the time it takes to "Blink" your eye-so make it count !!! (Malcolm Gladwell)
singles:  Go out and buy a new outfit.  If you are fashionably challenged-ask the experts!  Hit some of my favourites. Holt Renfrew,  Anthropologie, or Purr in Calgary.
toddlers:  You guys have it easy...don't show up with breakfast on your shirt, or a dirty diaper.

2) Share: For those of you who need a reminder I've included the definition: To participate in, use, enjoy or experience jointly in turns.
singles:  Don't talk about yourself the whole night.  Ask questions about the other person.
toddlers:  Don't grab, push or shove if you want something.  For the love of God- we have six other dolls that look exactly the same.  Why must you play with that one?

3) It's a numbers game so play!
singles: Dating is about sales and sales is a numbers game.  Multiply your dating success.  The more people you meet, the greater your chances of meeting someone who is good for you.
toddlers: Learn to count...ok well at least to 3 because that's when time out begins.

4) Social Networking.  Like it or not, technology is as much a part of our daily lives as brushing our teeth.  Embrace the change and get on these social websites.
singles: Lava Life,, or eHarmony just to name a few.
toddlers:  I researched and yes - there is an official website devoted to play dates!  Check it out at  Playdates for Kids Meetup Group.

5) Don't be Late for the Date!
singles: It's just rude.  If you have to change your plans give as much notice as possible and please apologize.
toddlers:  Don't worry- your Mom is in trouble for this one.  Let her handle it!

Lastly, I asked Simon (my 4 year old son) his thoughts on play dates and he simply stated: "just go and have fun". 


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speaks the truth! love your humor