Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter is in the air...

It's really starting to feel like winter.  Our mitts and scarves now fill our shelves, and we've sadly said good-bye to our summer wardrobe as it heads into hibernation for another year.  I suddenly feel the urge to sit by the fire nestled under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.  We are in need of a few new blankets so I did a little digging and gave my savvy stamp of approval on the following blankets.

100% Cashmere Blanket:  The best that blankets have to offer.  This will keep you warm without added bulk.  Made from Kashmir Goats- this is the luxury of all blankets!   
Hudson's Bay Point Blanket:  Snuggle up in a little Canadian history with this blanket. First introduced to the fur trade in the late 1700's and still popular today.  Made of 100% pure wool...this is sure to keep you warm.

Hudson's Bay Point Blanket

Minimink Blanket:  An Australian label that specializes in faux fur (also called ecological fur as no animal has been harmed) for adults and our little wee ones.  They claim these blankets are beyond soft!  A must try!!


Snuggie:  I'm sure you've heard of the every so kitschy fleece blanket with sleeves? The company sold over 25 million blankets in 2010- wow!  Perhaps all of these sales were earmarked as spoof gifts?  I think I'll take the cashmere blanket instead:)

Happy Friday!


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